SAI AROGYA believes in the principles of nature and uses a holistic and individualistic approach for the wellbeing. An healthy individual is one whose doshas are in balance, appetite is good, all tissues of the body and all natural urges are functioning properly, and whose mind, body and spirit are cheerful.

At SAI AROGYA, various therapies are combined to bring the mind, body and soul to the cheerful state. Easy to follow regimes and different health packages are prescribed and monitored by expert physician & trained therapist.


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Diabetes Cure in 72 Hours

Can Diabetes be Cured in 72 Hours ?

YES, it is possible and it can be completely be controlled. To manage its treatment effectively, the pancreas that produce the need to be activated. Beta cells can be made to produce the right quantity and quality of , sufficient for the blood to transport sugar effectively, without being dependent on outside support.

How much time it takes to recover ?

It takes about 72 hrs i.e. just 3 days to recover from diabetes, even if you are dependent for last 3 decades. 100% Diabetes Treatment Free Zone, No Drugs.

Is this Cure permanent?

YES, you will be cured permanently by following certain principles of human body while enjoying your favourite food.

How does the Diabetes Treatment in 72 Hours mechanism work?

It is based on 1998 Nobel Prize Winning Science of Nitric Oxide. Dr. Sandeep Singh and his team of international doctors have designed a 3 days customised diet plan for the patients, Detoxification and Lifestyle Modification based on their inputs given in DAM form.

Is this Diabetes Treatment in 72 Hours method medically approved?

YES, this cure method is approved by FDA and in some developed countries including USA, it is even covered as one of the therapies for insurance claim. Many world renowned personalities including Mr. Bill Clinton – Former President of U.S.A., (refer to DVD] could reverse life threatening diseases using this Noble prize winning science of medical nutrition.