3 Days Residential Programme at Shiwalaya

DIABETIC FREE INDIA MOVEMENT Team are thankful to SHIWALAYA & RED SWASTIK Manging committee for giving us this opportunity to organize 3 Days “End of Illness” workshop to make people free from 3D’s (DIABETES, DRUGS & DISEASES) without medicines.

Manging committee was very much impressed and inspired with the “End of Illness” program. They are ready to give support & cooperation for such kinds of workshops in future.

As they have missed the 1st workshop, they are willing to join our immediate next workshop with more families & friends to support this movement in bigger way.

Millions of Diabetic patients are waiting for this opportunity. Just share this messages to your nears & dears and make them free from DIABETES, BLOOD PRESSURE, CHOLESTEROL, HEART DISEASE, OBESITY, ETC……

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