Success Story of Patient Shweta Satardekar.

Shweta Satardekar working in Income Tax Department suffering from Diabetes Since 3 years taking 4-5 medicines daily and 36 unit of insulin per day still her blood sugar was uncontrolled. As she attended the free Seminar on ”How to Reverse Diabetes” without medicines by Dr Sandeep Singh at Vanmali hall(Dadar). She has Started treatment at Sai Arogya, before treatment her blood sugar was 283mg and her weight was 67.9kg after 5 days of treatment her blood sugar come to normal 166mg without medicines and insulin and she was enjoying all sweet fruits i:e mango, banana, papaya,chickoo etc. Today 4/11/2017 her blood sugar is 80mg and her weight was 63.5kg..

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