Basti Treatment

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What is Basti Treatment ?

Basti means urinary bladder. In old times, the urinary bladder of animals like buffalo and others were used as a bag in this process. In this process we introduce herbal oils and decoction into the colon through the rectum. We use Sterilised tube and instruments for that. Herbal oil remains in the colon for proper absorption till its absorbed. This is one of the post effective and popular Treatments in Ayurveda.


  • Used in Asthma
  • Used for curing Piles
  • Helps to cure Diabetes
  • Used to cure Diarrhoea
  • Provides Relief and Cure in most Diseases
  • Cures Chronic Fever

We have Centers in Mumbai where we perform Basti Treatment or Therapy, you can book an appointment by filling the contact form.

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