Netra Tarpana

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What is Netra Tarpana ?

Netra Tarpana is an Application of medicated ghee on the eyes. Patient keeps his eyes closed, medicated ghee is poured gently into the dam, over both eyes. The patient opens and closes his eyes intermittently, for a maximum of 5 minutes or as directed by physician. It is used not only for curing Eye Diseases but also for removing dirt and cleaning eyes. It also relieves the eye from strain which is caused due to exposure from electric screen.

Netra Tarpana Benefits

  • Delay cataract
  • Improves Blurred vision
  • Enhances visual acuity and eyesight
  • Glaucoma / Retinopathy
  • Helps if Sore or dry eyes
  • Cleans Dirt from Eyes
  • Reduces Injury to Eyes
  • Helps in a case where a person feels that it is difficult to open or close the eyes
  • Vanishes the feeling of darkness in front of eyes
  • Diminishes feeling of stiffness or rigidity
  • Stops eyes being extreme dry

We have Centers in Mumbai where we perform Netra Tarpana Treatment or Therapy, you can book an appointment by filling the contact form.

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