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What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the procedure of treating Diseases or Injury with Physical Techniques such as Massage, Exercise or by Giving Heat rather than giving modern day Medicines or Drugs. There are proven techniques or methods to restore the movement and functions of body parts which are affected by Injuries, Disabaility or any Physical Activity such as Sports.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

  • Vanishes Joints Pain
  • Enhances body Balance and Coordination
  • Improves Muscle Strength
  • Alleviates Stress and Muscle Tension
  • Improves Body Movement
  • Reduces chances of Injury
  • Helps treatment of cerebral palsy
  • Decreases chances of Stroke
  • Keeps the Body Fit
  • Effective for illness such as Stroke, Diabetes & Heart Diseases
  • Maintains Flexibility

We have Centers in Mumbai where we Perform this Treatment. Kindly fill the contact for to book an appointment.

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