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What is Swedana ?

The person has to go into the steam chamber and then the steam is applied till 15-20 Minutes. In this Treatment, heat is given to the body mainly by steam. Swedana is one of the most popular therapies performed in Ayurveda. It improves circulation of Blood, reduces toxic content in the body through sweating, muscle sprain, heaviness in body. The steam used is medicated with special herbs, made for the purpose of Treating Various diseases.

Swedana Benefits & Advantages :-

  • Improves blood circulation through Steam, Reduces toxic content in body / Dimnishes toxins through sweating
  • Spasm / stiffness
  • Muscle sprain
  • Heaviness in body
  • Gives a boost to our Digestive System
  • Increases Skin Softness in body
  • Relieves from Stiffness of the Joints in our body
  • Makes movement of the joints smoother in our body, due to which the body becomes flexible

We have Centers in Mumbai where we perform Swedana Treatment or Therapy, you can book an appointment by filling the contact form.

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