Weight Loss Diet Plan

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What is a Weight Loss Diet Plan ?

Weight Loss Diet Plan is a method, which is not just to be followed to loose weight but also to make sure that the person remain Healthy & Fit to live a Peaceful Life. We have professional Dietitians who studies the person’s Body Mass Index, Physic and other Health Status. Based on the reports, dietitian calculates the Fat that has to be burned. After which, the person sits and discusses with the dietitian and based on that a diet plan for weight loss is prepared by the dietitian. Each and every Iternary (diet plan for weight loss) of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is prepared by the Dietitian which has to be followed by the person if he/she wants to loose weight as expected. The Dietitian with their expertise in Nutrition will suggests the person What to Eat and What not to Eat (will prepare a weight loss diet plan).

Types of it

There are 2 types of Weight Loss Diets :-

  • Vegetarian Diet
  • Non-Vegetarian Diet

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